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Help and relief to the people of Ethiopia

HIIM is highly motivated and dedicated to bringing help and relief to the people of Ethiopia, and more specifically Ethiopian Jews or the Feres Murrah as they are known locally. This minority group living within the country of Ethiopia barely exist in primitive conditions, largely without access to clean potable water, proper hygiene and sanitation techniques.


The Beta Israel are often ostracized within the Ethiopian communities, simply because they are Jewish. They are considered outsiders by most, and are forced to live in refugee camps living in primitive conditions.

Many of them have been waiting years to immigrate to Israel, but their hopes and dreams have been ignored and the doors to their homeland have been closed. They are in desperate need of our help. They must know that someone cares; that they are loved and their lives are valued and not forgotten.

We cherish the support and assistance many have given. We have various projects we are currently working on that we invite you to become familiar with. If you desire to assist us in our work, you can look at a list of our current need or support us in the form of a monetary gift.

Please get to know us better… meet our founder or stay up to date with current HIIM updates and news.

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Help and releif for Ethiopians