HIIM - Bringing Help and relief to the people of Ethiopia

HIIM was founded by Kokeb Gedamu as an organization committed to bringing help and relief to the people of Ethiopia by providing the basic needs of food, clothing, and fresh drinking water, as well as providing tools and training that create employment opportunities and foster sustainability among the peoples and communities throughout.


HIIM'S vision for the House of Israel in Ethiopia is to give them dignity, and hope. To show them they have intrinsic value as a people and to help transform their lives. To introduce them to the 21st century, and see them live as the rest of the world lives.


Our goal is to bring public awareness to the plight of the Beta Israel throughout the nation of Ethiopia.


  • TO dig fresh water wells that are so desperately needed.

  • TO Educate; to build schools that provide a safe, clean, and structured environment and promote hope for the children's future.

  • TO  sponsor medical clinics within the community where the people can obtain medical care for the many diseases and provide relief for those suffering.

  • TO train and enable the people to become self-sufficient by providing jobs by educating the villagers in the art of sewing so that they are able to make their own clothes.

  • TO purchase grain and cement grinders to promote independence of the community and much needed income as they use the machinery to grind grain and stone for nearby communities.

Meet HIIM Founder, Kokeb Gedamu and his wife Menalu and learn of their amazing story.