HIIM - Bringing Help and relief to the people of Ethiopia

MEDICAL CLINICS - We  recently had the privilege to sponsor medical clinics at a facility near the villages where the people received much needed medical care.

BUILDING WELLS - Generous giving of many has allowed us to to purchase a drill and dig a well in the Gondar area where many of the Beta Israel live. This enables us to train young men of the village to operate the drill and dig wells for other villages in the area.

Training Center:  The Training Center is now finished.  This Center will provide the Ethiopian Jews with education.  A container is now being prepared to ship to Ethiopia full of furniture and other necessities to begin operation.  We need to raise 15,000.00 to ship the container.  Thank you for your continues support.

CLOTHING - Clothes, shoes, blankets and food were provided for the village on our recent trip this October giving hope and encouragement to  those struggling to survive.

Current Projects

While we are grateful for the generosity of many, we have just begun to scratch the surface to meet the needs of those we serve in Ethiopia.