HIIM - Bringing Help and relief to the people of Ethiopia


To donate online you will be redirected to Paypal where you can designate the amount and how you would like your donation to be used.

If you would like to contribute, you can mail a check to the address below or click on the "donate" button below to use the online form.

  • $30 ($1.00 per day) feeds a person for an entire month.
  • $100 provides housing to an Ethiopian family of 3-5 for an entire month.
  • $150 feeds an Ethiopian family of 7-10 people for an entire month.
  • Larger donation can be put towards the construction of wells to provide clean water, schools, and medical clinics.

Help us help them

We are grateful for those who have helped us provide for those in need in Ethiopia. HIIM endeavors to not only assist them in their immediate needs but also desires to provide tools, equipment, and training to help them earn income and provide services to those in surrounding communities.

If you desire to help, please contact us. Your assistance with the various tools and equipment listed here will bring us one step closer to that goal.


Make checks payable to HIIM and send to:


P.O. Box 461262

Aurora, CO 80046-1262

STONE CRUSHER - To start a cement and marble project and sell the products to local communities in Ethiopia.

CATERPILLAR EXCAVATOR - To assist in construction projects for themselves and to provide needed services in surrounding communities as a means to help support their families.

TRUCK - To provide transportation and to haul heavy supplies and equipment needed for various projects.