HIIM - Bringing Help and relief to the people of Ethiopia

The goal of House of Israel International Ministries (HIIM) is to help the Beta Yisrael to walk in all that God intends for them. Most of the Beta Yisrael in Israel come from the remotest parts of Ethiopia, so when they reach Israel they are in culture shock because of the unfamiliar modernization. Our goal, like Moses, is to place the Beta Yisrael in Israel not only physically but also mentally and spiritually. HIIM is fully dedicated to helping embrace Ethiopian Jews around the world, especially the leftover Christian Jews in Ethiopia (Feres Murrah) and the Ethiopian Jews struggling in Israel.

HIIM’s Vision and Goals for Israel

  • Establish Messianic congregations all over Israel and to lead Jewish people to a personal relationship with Yeshua.

  • Help Ethiopian Jews take part in modern Israeli society. By providing specific training (plumbing, hair styling, carpentry, etc.) we will enable them to take part in the industrial economy in Israel.

  • Restore and strengthen marriages and families by holding seminars and conferences.

  • Have a spiritual breakthrough in Israel by arranging revival conferences and promoting Yeshua through the media (TV, radio, etc.).

  • Bring Ethiopian people from America and Europe to tour Israel, and to inform them more about Israel so that they develop a love for Israel.

  • Write more books in Amharic, English, and Hebrew as guides to uninformed Ethiopian Jews about the background of Beta Yisrael.