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In 2001 he moved to Philadelphia where he was called by the Messianic Jewish community to serve as pastor and started the Congregation Burning Bush of Greater Philadelphia.

It chronicles the journey of the Gedamu family. It is translated into both English and Amharic. His other writings include books on the subject of marriage, and also the names of God.

Kokeb and Menalu have three children, Ruhama, Ebenezer, Tsiona.

He and his family now reside in the Denver, Colorado area where he and Menalu serve the Ethiopian community in the Agape Evangelical Church. He travels extensively to both Israel and Ethiopia to oversee operations on a local and national level.

Rabbi Kokeb is an ordained Rabbi of the International Alliance of Messianic Congregations and Synagogues (IAMCS) where he serves as regional director for Africa. He is also director of the board of operations for Tikvah/Hope, a humanitarian aid project of the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America (MJAA).  He speaks frequently in many congregations throughout the United States and abroad to spread the message of what God is doing among the Ethiopian Jews in Africa, as well as in Israel. He has a passion for revival, healing and deliverence, and teaching the Jewish roots of the Christian faith.

Rabbi Kokeb sponsors an annual trip to Ethiopia, and encourages everyone to come see first hand what God is doing through the ministry of HIIM.

Our Founder

Rabbi Kokeb Gedamu and his wife Menalu were both born and raised in Ethiopia. During the communist uprising in Ethiopia they together, fled the country through the desert of Sudan. They survived many hardships including the threat of death but God protected and delivered them. They lived in Sudan until they were able to enter Egypt. Finally, after seven years without a permanent home they made their way to Israel. While in Israel Rabbi Kokeb served as chairman of the elders committee, and senior pastor of six Messianic Jewish Congregations in Israel. He was then called to further his education in Canada where he moved his family and was eventually ordained a pastor at the Open Bible Faith Fellowship of Canada.

Rabbi Kokeb is a speaker and author. Books he has written include:

Kokeb & Menalu Gedamu

After The Honeymoon - The Keys To A Successful Marriage

Journey Beyond Imagination - The victorious account of the Gedamu family of Ethiopia